A Side of Rice

Hopefully Humorous (and sometimes R-rated) Musings About Life

Who is this chick?

Thumbs Up After Surviving My First White Water Rafting Experience

I have many titles. In order of no particular importance — wife, mom, sister, daughter, cousin, in-law, aunt, professional….and great friend. Just ask the over 700 people on facebook who think so.

If the list below doesn’t frighten you and you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me.

Things about me that may interest you (or cause you to click away in horror)…

  • I have been married to my exact opposite (personality-wise) for over 20 years. He’s logical, level-headed, quiet, judicious, and stoic.
  • I am an ENFP. I have also done another work-style test which describes me as a “Stimulator”. I’ve been compared to a vibrator. Nice. And my greatest StrengthFinder asset is WOO – winning others over.
  • I have two boys who mostly behave themselves, love sports, occasionally say things in public that make me cringe, adore their dad, and consider me the biggest nag they have ever met. But, really, is that empty box of Mac and Cheese going to find its way to the trashcan by itself? I think not.
  • in my opinion, “in-law” is another word for “how can I make your life more disturbing?”. I’m sure I give as well as I get for that one.
  • I love my chosen profession.
  • I cuss. A lot. I credit this to the genetic engineering of my father, who thinks the “f” word is best when used as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb. In the same sentence.
  • I mail out over 150 Christmas cards every year.
  • I love to bake. I mean I LOVE TO BAKE.
  • I hate to cook. More than I used to hate working the little league concession stand.
  • I keep in touch with a lot of my high school classmates, many of my former colleagues, and all of my college peeps.
  • I am obsessed with crime procedure shows (holla’ The First 48, Forensic Files and Investigation Discovery Channel!)
  • If the previous item concerns you, hopefully it will make you feel better knowing I’m also obsessed with all the HGTV shows. And not just the ones focused on removing those pesky blood stains from your carpet and upholstery.

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