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My 20/20 Vision Sometimes Gets a Little Blurry


Today is Alex’s first day of high school. I was able to obtain the obligatory first day of school picture. Evidently, once you hit high school (or teenager status), smiling is no longer allowed  cool  something you do, just so you can annoy the snot out of your mother.


This is my happy face, mom.

Was it only a few short months ago that the parents of 8th graders were jammed into a school gym with no air conditioning to celebrate the milestone of middle school graduation? Editor’s note: Sorry for the quality of the video – that’s what happens when you are a lame parent and don’t think to film the entire room, so you have to steal  swipe  use some fancy technology to copy as best as possible an uploaded version to Facebook by a parent who does have their shit together  was thinking it would be a good idea.

Was it only a few short months ago that my kid was already practicing his ‘we shant smile for anything when mom asks’ look, so that it took at least three tries to get a semi-usable photo of him next to the school mascot?


This is as happy as my face gets, mom.

Was it only a few short months ago that the video compilation of pictures moms and dads submitted was played at the ceremony?

Was it only a few short months ago that the parents, grandparents, and guardians in attendance realized there was one problem?


You see, our 20/20 vision for these kids’ future was a bit blurry. Because tears of pride will do that to you.

Whole class

Walkersville High School Lions Class of 2020


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Married, mom, marketing professional. Loves swearing, pedicures and celebrity meltdowns. Hates making dinner and working the little league concession stand.

3 thoughts on “My 20/20 Vision Sometimes Gets a Little Blurry

  1. He’s not smiling because he’s scared as hell and the only defense a high school freshman has is a good offense. If he twitches, they’ll eat him alive and he knows it. He’s gotta go from kid to man in essentially one day.

    Parents live in la-la land when it comes to understanding the seriousness of secondary school psychological warfare. His best move is to make friends fast who will close ranks around him in mutual protection. The worst thing you can do is ask him about it.

    If you can tightrope walk across the raging river of his hormones and meet him calmly on the other side as a fellow adult (I know, but pretend) who respects his skills and power rather than a mother who worries about her baby boy, you’ll be getting the best Mother’s Day gifts on the block for the next four years. Really.

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