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One Thumb Up

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This past Monday, there were tons of lovely photos of my local Facebook friends’ kids. It was the first day of school, and there were big smiles (the kids, not just the parents), a bunch of new outfits to pose in, fresh supplies in new backpacks, and plenty of waves as eager youngsters stepped up onto the bus.

I had asked my husband to be sure and get a photo of the boys – it was Alex’s first day in middle school and Nick’s first day of his last year in elementary school. Mini-milestone day, right?

And anything had to be better than the joy-fest I captured last year on the first day of school:

The Rice boys on the first day of school.  Mr. Happy and his brother The Imp.  Image from: mom's camera after much begging for at least a smile.

The Rice boys on the first day of school in 2012. Mr. Happy and his brother The Imp.

I had reminded my husband Sunday night about the picture, before I went to bed. I texted him again on my way to work the next morning.  He didn’t respond.

Not a good sign…unless the sign I was looking for was “Oh shit! I forgot she asked me to do that.”

I didn’t hear from him all morning, so I took to social media to shame him  make light of the fact that I was the only parent on the planet who didn’t get a first day of school picture.  So I posted this on Facebook:

That's right. I'll call a father out.

That’s right. I’ll call a dad out.

My post received 29 likes, only 5 of which were from male friends. Dads.  Dads who I am sure posted pictures of their own little cherubs on the first day of school.  The other 24 likes from my female friends were truly a sign of solidarity.  It’s as if they were clicking the like button, but knew that instead of “like”, it really meant “yes, your husband is a numbskull for not getting that picture.”

There were also 3 comments, with suggestions like writing it on his hand, or placing a post-it on his hand.  Perhaps if I stapled it to his hand, he’d have a harder time forgetting.

And then, at 4:34pm, this comment popped up under the picture:

Better late than never, right?

Better late than never, right?

Here’s a close up of the picture:

Happy? Happy? Joy? Joy?

Who’s happy to be back in school?

So, I guess I can give my husband a thumbs up for sort of getting the photo.

(c) Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

(c) Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images


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