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Hurricane Essentials


I sent my husband and 10 year old son to the store last night to pick up some storm essentials before Hurricane Sandy hit.  Here’s what they bought:

The bag of ice wouldn’t fit in the photo, but we have the rest of the major staples covered.

I had gone out to get essentials the day before.  Here’s what I bought:

I’m not sharing my supplies. Every parent for themselves.

Bring it, Sandy.

Here’s a video from one of my favorite bands – Cowboy Mouth – with the song Hurricane Party.   Enjoy the video — stay safe East Coast.


Author: A Side of Rice

Married, mom, marketing professional. Loves swearing, pedicures and celebrity meltdowns. Hates making dinner and working the little league concession stand.

4 thoughts on “Hurricane Essentials

  1. hahahaha! Oh my goodness that is hilarious. Baileys over the ice cream would be so good.. even better straight.

  2. Oh dear God! I love you and your family! Come to Ohio where it’s safe- I have beer, power, and halloween candy!

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