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Mirror, Mirror

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As any parent will tell you, the parent/teacher conferences during the school year are akin to the kind of fun one has during a suspect interrogation.

Um…or so I’ve heard.

While no police reports have made their way home (yet), there is a looming dread that the teacher has invited a surprise guest to your conference — Officer “F.M. All”.  He will be delighted to share the mathematical trajectory to juvenile delinquency he has painstakingly calculated. A trajectory which proves your little darling(s) — in combination with current scholastic standing and classroom behavior — will be Officer Eff ‘Em’s most gratifying arrest(s) in the very near future.

In light of a potential meeting with the Po-Po, I carefully selected my parent/teacher conference outfit:

But of course I reconsidered, once I saw this fantastic little number:

Most importantly, I had prepped my “That’s totally the Rice DNA at work” response with accompanying eye roll in the direction of my husband, should any offspring deficiencies be shared with us. My husband was perfecting his point-at-my-wife-behind-her-back-because-it’s-all-her-fault motion.

We were told by Nick’s teacher that he’s very bright, however — he has a tendency to daydream, and become occupied with other things that distract his attention from the task at hand.  “What?”, I asked, as I picked at my chipping nail polish and halted the grocery list I was compiling in my head.

As we walked in the door to Alex’s classroom, the teacher blurted out “How does it feel to be such great parents, who are raising such an amazing kid?”  

I nearly got whiplash turning my head to see who had come through the door behind us.

Alex’s teacher shared that while he excels at everything he does, Alex needs to show his work.  “He’s very linear, logical and there’s no nonsense in his approach to work.  He gets there and moves on to the next thing.  He does the work in his head, but we have to see how he actually got there.

To which my husband replied, “If he gets the right answer, is it really necessary for you to see the work?  Are there any real issues we need to discuss?”

Mirror, mirror on the wall…turns out our boys are just like us, after all.


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Married, mom, marketing professional. Loves swearing, pedicures and celebrity meltdowns. Hates making dinner and working the little league concession stand.

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