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Photo Finish

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This past weekend, my son’s All Star little league team won 2 games on Sunday in 95 degree heat to earn a spot in the championship game. The winning team takes home this amazing trophy:

The second place team wins this, which isn’t as large but still seems very impressive:

Much like last year’s state championship game, our boys played a great game. However, the other team played even better and won the tournament.

Last year, the boys cried and we couldn’t get them to look the least bit happy for the group photo after the game. This year — having matured to the ripe old age of 10 — there was more disappointment than sadness. It really showed on their faces:

When it was time for me to take the group photo, I fired off a number of shots in a row so that we could pick the best one. The boys had pulled themselves together and were able to wipe the sadness from their faces. All except for one face.

My kid’s face.

Well, at least the next one will be better

What the hell…

I’m going to break that damn tongue off….

That little #%@*er!

But then I got this shot, and all was forgiven:

If you have a minute, please go read Marinka’s contribution at Babble Kids, entitled 7 Lessons I Learned at Little League. Those of us with kids in sports can relate.


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