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Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and …. Farts?


This is the third year my son Alex has played on the All Star baseball team. The boys enjoy each other’s company, don’t argue and really help one another out on the field. Probably not at all like they behave with their non-baseball siblings.

Last year when I was laid off, baking for the kids/parents on the team was one way I was able to get a much needed periodic break from my job search. The boys thought they were the luckiest kids on earth to finish up a game and have chocolate chip cookies, gooey butter cookies, brownies, cupcakes or other sugary delights waiting for them. Win or lose the game, they were always winners because treats were part of the post-game ritual. I even brought a bag of Skittles to every game for the kid with the major allergies. Everybody gets a sugar high!

This year, one of the coaches taught the boys the “Beans beans” rhyme. That really cracked the kids up and the coach thought I should make him a commemorative cake with two huge butt cheeks, decorated with a fart sound. I don’t believe Wilton makes a cake pan for that.

I’m baking again this season after another recent layoff. This time, the other baseball moms devised a little treat for me. They got me a gift certificate to my favorite spa for a mani/pedi, which was tucked in this card they had all the boys and the coaches sign:

What the boys and their parents don’t realize is that the real winner in all of this is me. I get to be creative by decorating cupcakes and frosting cookies, try out new recipes and give myself a break from fretting about the job search. And the boys’ faces and smiles at the end of the game as they run up to me to get the treats? Well, that is the icing on the cake. Pun intended.

Upon closer inspection of the signed card, I noticed this:

I have the most amazing baseball family. Farts and all.

Author: A Side of Rice

Married, mom, marketing professional. Loves swearing, pedicures and celebrity meltdowns. Hates making dinner and working the little league concession stand.

2 thoughts on “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and …. Farts?

  1. LOL! Is that John who wrote that? Sadly Owen learned the song first from me. I’m kinda gross like that. LOL!

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