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Mommy’s Ballin’ (I Mean Bawlin’)


Growing up with 3 sisters, sports were a part of life. They were not life itself. I played basketball in grade school, volleyball in high school and spent my summers slamming slow pitch softballs. I even found the time to school some family members in badminton at our annual picnic:

Today, I’m the wife of a huge sports fan (Steelers, Caps, Orioles, Terps and Wizards — a team for every season!). I’m also the mother of two boys who adore everything about their father. They have developed a fondness for this 24/7 approach to a sports-infused life.

It’s just that….well….having kids active and interested in sports is a huge, bone-crushing, energy-zapping time suck. I believe my husband recently advised when I commented about the time commitment – “look, if you want any chance at having them turn into overpaid, egotistical pro athletes who can throw money our way when Social Security bottoms out, just shut it and let’s get them to the games. By the way, we have to drive separate cars because right after Alex’s basketball game, I have to drive him to baseball workouts which is at the same time as Nick’s basketball game starts”.

I think I would be more tolerant of this non-stop/24-7/balls-out sports nonsense if it didn’t require a quantum physics equation to try and figure out who has to be where at what time for what sporting activity. And that’s just on Saturdays which — truth be told — should really be sports-free so mom can partake of her favorite recreational activity — a manicure and pedicure in the whirlpool massage chair.

I do think it’s terrific that our kids are active. And especially because it’s not the kind of active that involves a conversation like this: “Mrs. Rice, this is Officer Smith from the Frederick City Police Department. We have your son here. Again. Is it ok that’s we’ve made you our Speed Dial option 1?”

But is it wrong of me to want to have a Saturday where all I have to think about is piles of dirty laundry, bathrooms to be cleaned and maybe — just maybe — a whirlpool pedicure to make everything right in the world again?


Author: A Side of Rice

Married, mom, marketing professional. Loves swearing, pedicures and celebrity meltdowns. Hates making dinner and working the little league concession stand.

2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Ballin’ (I Mean Bawlin’)

  1. Not wrong at all. Here’s to the hope of mani/pedi Saturday taking off as big as football Sunday!

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