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For my amazing fan base — who according to my site stats include a few convicts, one vengeful relative and a bunch of blog trollers who tell me I have shared information that will help them save much time, now please click my link to save much money — it has been clear that the past few weeks have been medically challenging for me. But what I thought was a tough few weeks for me, are nothing compared to what my son Nick has packed into less than one week.

First, there was the mysterious scratch across his forehead:

This appeared on Monday evening, when he arrived home from school. When queried as to how this happened, Nick’s response was “Really? I didn’t even know I had something on my head. Except for my hair.”

On Friday afternoon, the YMCA after school care program called. It’s always a crap shoot when that number appears on my cell phone. Either someone’s sick (cross fingers, hope for fever and barfing), or there’s the other reason. Which is — a child’s questionable behavior warrants a call to the parents. Let me tell you — those calls are NO FUN, as I have been on the receiving end of a few of them. Usually it’s just kids being kids, rough-housing and not paying attention when the caregivers tell them to stop. Only once has it been because Nick turned around from the urinal toward the other boys in the bathroom to wave his…oh, nevermind. You get the picture.

The YMCA caregiver let us know Nick had gotten a scratch:

It seems that all the kids at school got military pins to wear that day for Veterans Day. The backing of Nick’s pin came off while he was “sitting at a table”….which I think is code for “in time out”. At some point, he turned and brushed the pin against the table, not realizing the back of the pin had come off. He scratched himself. But good.

But the pin scratch was tame compared to what happened later that night.

My husband and sons went to the local high school football game. Our team is in the playoffs – go Walkersville Lions! And while it’s still unclear how this particular incident happened, I do know it involved Nick, a pole and goofing off with other kids.

My husband called from the game to tell me Nick had a small chip on his tooth:

I think my husband and I have a very different definition of small chip.


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