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Rebels with a Cause


In loving memory of my husband’s Aunt and my son’s Godmother Mary Christine “Chris” Rebel. February 2, 1952 – February 11, 2007

Today, members of my husband’s family will be walking in the Tidewater Komen Race for the Cure in Virginia Beach as Team Rebels with a Cause. This has become an annual event because the family has been touched by, suffered through, and eventually lost someone to breast cancer.

Aunt Chris and her husband Uncle Jim never had children of their own, but they loved their 15 nieces and nephews a great deal. When our son Nick was born, we made the decision to have two sets of Godparents (a little extra never hurt, right?) and asked Aunt Chris and Uncle Jim to be Nick’s great-Godparents — a younger couple being the just plain Godparents. I can’t tell you how much that meant to her.

Our boys have their weekly football game today. Nick and his brother Alex will wear their cleats with special pink laces. Aunt Chris was a huge football fan, so I know that she will be looking down from heaven, watching her Godson run in those pink-laced cleats. And while she may be his biggest fan, we are all HER biggest fan. For the courage, strength and good humor she showed us, in the face of her fate.


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3 thoughts on “Rebels with a Cause

  1. If it’s possible to be a fan of someone whom I don’t know and, unfortunately, will never have the opportunity to meet, count me as a fan of Mrs. Rebel as well.

    Every year I hope the Susan G. Komen walk/run in my area, and everywhere else, will be the last one to raise money for research, and that next year we’ll be raising money for treatment, and as a public memorial to those we remember every single day.

    • She was an amazing lady. She faced the disease head-on and faced aggressive, painful treatment protocols. In the end, she beat the odds: only 40% diagnosed with her type/stage (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) live 5 years or more. And I like to think we have an extra guardian angel watching over us now.

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