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What Would Franklin Covey Do?

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I had grand delusions about how I was going to spend my week off between Christmas and New Years. With all that time, I had created an ambitious list of things I was going to get done, in Franklin Covey day planner style.

The house would be in order — I’d sort through clothes, clean out closets, gather piles and piles of things to donate, and reorganize various drawers and cabinets. And get great satisfaction as I checked those completed items off my list.

So, how did my grand plan fare? Well, see for yourself….

Monday, December 27
Plan: Clean out kitchen cabinets and drawers. Donate extra kitchen utensils and cookware to Goodwill.
What actually got done: Early morning trip to Walmart to stock up for next year on half price Christmas wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift boxes and goodie boxes. Go to grocery store with boys to fill frig so the lame “we’ve got no food in the house” excuse can not be used to justify eating out this week. Wash dishes that have been sitting in the sink for two days. Referee approximately 6 fights about whose turn it is to play the xBox.

Tuesday, December 28
Plan: Attack boys’ clothes – sort through old clothes to hand down to younger cousins. Clean out the boys’ closets of old toys and make donation pile for Goodwill.
What actually got done: Watch rerun marathon of Jerseylious so I can see the “War on the Gatsby Floor” episode where Alexa and Gayle go at it. Plus 3 other episodes I have missed. Fold laundry while watching reruns so as not to render the day a complete loss.

Wednesday, December 29
Plan: Fill up car with gas, mail holiday photos to family that I forgot to take to the Christmas gathering, visit Grandma Rice’s grave, stop by office to pick up cell phone I left at work before my vacation started, exchange shirts purchased in the wrong size for my husband, visit Godparents of oldest son to drop of holiday gifts for other family members they will be seeing on New Years, visit cousins to say hello.
What actually got done: Car gassed, photos mailed, phone retrieved. Should have stopped while I was ahead.

Visit Grandma Rice’s grave, commemorating 1 year since her passing. Tape picture of boys — carefully sealed in a ziplock bag — to her grave using box packing tape. Cut finger on tape razor and realize my mother-in-law is still getting the last laugh at my expense.

Head to Macy’s and successfully find the right size in less than 5 minutes and scurry to check out counter to make the exchange. Attempt to shield sons from customer berating a sales clerk and demanding management come to take care of his problem immediately. Explain to my sons who are wide-eyed and listening to the profanity-laden exchange that some people “are just out of control and don’t know how to act in public. You know, like Grandaddy Himmelheber”. They both nod, completely understanding the comparison.

Take boys to McDonald’s as reward for being so good about being dragged all over the greater DC metro area the first half of the day.

Visit Godparents and realize McReward was bestowed much too McEarly as I break up three poke/fight contests, 2 wrestling matches and 1 pinch-off in less than 15 minutes. Bid Godparents a fond — if not embarrassed — farewell.

Stop by cousins’ house for brief visit. Wrestling matches continue and we beat another hasty exit from a relative’s house.

Arrive at home and decide I need a reward for such a long day of activity. Dinner out at Glory Days!

Thursday, December 30
Plan: Do what I said I was going to do Tuesday
What actually got done: Go through boys’ clothes and make donation piles for younger cousins. Get extra burst of energy and clean out boys’ bathroom. Slam toe into towel bar that had been taken down (and replaced with new fixtures) and left on the floor. Hop on one foot to medicine cabinet in master bathroom. Find medical tape and a roll of paper towels. Triage little toe which has a healthy slice along the side of it. Curse day I thought remodeling the guest bath was a good idea, as I scrub the trail of blood out of the carpet with the Little Green Machine.

Friday, December 31
Plan: Make 7 layer dip for New Years Eve Party. Purchase Captain Morgan and Diet Coke. Drink face off at friends’ New Year’s Eve party.
What actually got done: Dip made. Righteous buzz definitely achieved prior to midnight.

Saturday, January 1
Plan: Nothing officially on the to-do list
What actually got done: Yep. Pretty much accomplished that immediately. Spent entire day on couch in pajamas, waiting for Captain Morgan to completely evaporate from my body.

Franklin and the rest of the Coveys can kiss my ass.


Author: A Side of Rice

Married, mom, marketing professional. Loves swearing, pedicures and celebrity meltdowns. Hates making dinner and working the little league concession stand.

One thought on “What Would Franklin Covey Do?

  1. Yeah, those FC planners… whatEVER. It doesn’t work for me. No matter how much I want it to work, it just doesn’t. I spend too much time planning and not enough doing!! haha!


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